Secret heaven in the Mediterranean

Secret heaven in the Mediterranean

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Secret heaven in the Mediterranean

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The Karamağara Inn and Yuvadibi coast are two of the places worth seeing in the southern province of Hatay, which is home to a beautiful sea, a unique plateau and hot springs.

The Karamağara Inn, where smugglers and pirates used to hide, and the Yuvadibi coast, with its crystal clear water, are waiting to take their share from the country’s tourism market, which has been hard hit in recent times.

Karamağara Inn is located nearly seven kilometers away from the village of Yayıkdamlar in Hatay’s Yayladağı district, while the Yuvadibi coast lies close to the inn. Both are hidden heavens where one can see all shades of blue and green.

Both places were very important places for pirates to hide in the Mediterranean. Today, the area is a shelter for fishermen and shepherds. As fire was used inside the inn to warm its inhabitants, its interior has turned to black, thus naming the inn “Karamağara” (black inn).

Secret heaven in the Mediterranean

The inn is nearly 100 meters above from the sea and measures 200 square meters. There is a stone mortar in front of the inn, which is believed to have been used to grind salt harvested from the sea.

It is here where water from the mountains meet the salty sea water. This blended water is believed to heal skin and joint diseases and bladder infections, making Karamağara a place of frequent stops for people suffering from these afflictions. They go to the inn two to three days a week and drink this healing water in the morning.

Meanwhile, the Yuvadibi coast located behind the cliffs between two mountains is anxiously waiting for local and foreign tourists.

Hatay Tourism Association Chairman Sabahattin Nacioğlu said Karamağara was an untouched city and waiting to be discovered.

He said boat tours should be organized and Karamağara should be revived in sea tourism.

“This place is really worth to see. One can feel the sea and forest atmosphere here. It has existed for years and is known as a ‘secret heaven.’ This is why it is not known by most people. Karamağara is the ‘clear face’ of Hatay and one of the most beautiful places of nature. The country has many places like this but this place is like a heaven with its clear water and natural beauty. It is also very popular among diving enthusiasts. If tourism took off here, I believe that it will be more popular than Muğla and Bodrum for divers,” Nacioğlu said.

Secret heaven in the Mediterranean