Sea taxis to begin serving in Istanbul by end-September

Sea taxis to begin serving in Istanbul by end-September

Sea taxis to begin serving in Istanbul by end-September

Offering rapid transportation compared to other means of transportation in Istanbul, a metropolis divided by the Bosphorus, sea taxis are preparing to set off in order to reduce the intercontinental transits of the city’s residents to a more reasonable time.

The test drives of the sea taxis, the color of which were decided by the residents of Istanbul, and whose construction started with national resources at the Haliç Shipyard on the 170th anniversary of the founding City Lines, were concluded successfully.

“We designed [it] and produced [it] ourselves. The first sea taxi test we produced at Haliç Shipyard passed successfully. Now we are going into mass production,” Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu announced on Twitter.

Designed and built specifically for the metropolis with over 16 million population, 50 sea taxis will serve Istanbul residents after meeting the sea at the end of this month. Expected to have a positive contribution to maritime transportation, the sea taxi service will be accessed through an online application.

City Lines General Manager Sinem Dedetaş said five of the sea taxis that will enter service will be electric.

Explaining that they have developed the sea vehicles in a way that can also be exported, Dedetaş stated that all boats will be carrying the “Haliç” brand.

“Women sailors will also serve in sea taxis. Two crew members, one captain and one oiler, will be on board the boats,” she noted, adding that the boats have a design that will facilitate the boarding of passengers.