Russia’s Putin thanks Erdoğan over efforts for grain corridor

Russia’s Putin thanks Erdoğan over efforts for grain corridor

Russia’s Putin thanks Erdoğan over efforts for grain corridor

Russian President Vladimir Putin has thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for his efforts on creating secure food corridors through the Black Sea, stressing that the deal should also include a formulation for the export of Russian wheat to the world markets along with the Ukrainian products.

“I have already said that the Republic of Türkiye and personally President Erdoğan have done a great deal to facilitate the agreement on Ukrainian grain exports. But initially we suggested that it should be adopted as a package, that is, we would facilitate the Ukrainian grain exports provided all the restrictions on the potential exports of Russian grain are lifted,” Putin told the reporters following a three-way summit between Turkish, Russian and Iranian presidents under the format of the Astana Process in Tehran late on July 19.

Putin and Erdoğan held a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the summit in which they focused on the ongoing war in Ukraine and how to resolve the impasse on the export of wheat from Ukraine.

Putin said the deal should be a package that includes the lifting of restrictions on the Russian export of wheat, saying “This is what we initially agreed upon with international organizations. They pledged to formulate this as a package solution. Nobody has so far raised any objections, including our American partners. We will see what comes of it in the near future.”

The Americans actually lifted restrictions on the delivery of Russian fertilizers to the global markets, the Russian leader stressed, adding “I hope this will also happen with regard to the export of Russian grain if they really want to improve the situation on the global food markets. As I have said, we are ready to do this right now. We can export 30 million tons of grain, and our export potential based on this year’s harvest will be 50 million tons.”

Earlier in the day when they met in-person, Putin thanked Erdoğan for his mediation efforts, suggesting “With your mediation, we have moved forward. True, not all issues have been resolved yet, but the fact that there is movement is already good.”

In response Erdoğan also expressed his gratitude to the Russian leader over the constructive role he played in Türkiye’s mediation role, saying “During the recent Istanbul talks the position taken by the Russian side was very positive and constructive. Of course, the result that we will get after these negotiations will undoubtedly be discussed all around the world.”

Türkiye hosted a four–way meeting in Istanbul last week with the participation of Russian, Ukrainian officials as well as the U.N. authorities to resolving the remaining technical aspects before a deal. The parties agreed to establish a joint coordination center in Istanbul for the sustainability of the operation and inspect the cargos of the vessels.

It is expected that the deal will be signed by all parties as the aspects were agreed on in Istanbul. Ukraine and Russia are two big wheat producers and the blockage on their exports can cause a major food crisis in the world.

White House hopeful for solution

In the meantime, White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Director John Kirby said the United States is attaching importance to the ongoing negotiations between Türkiye, Russia and Ukraine on grain exports.

Kirby stated that they are hopeful that the negotiations regarding the delivery of Ukrainian grain to international markets will yield results.

Noting that Russia can end its embargo on Ukrainian grain at any time, Kirby emphasized that Ukraine should also be a party in the negotiations on this issue.

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