‘Rocket’ mulls future after 4th world title

‘Rocket’ mulls future after 4th world title

‘Rocket’ mulls future after 4th world title

Ronnie ‘Rocket’ O’Sullivan voices his concerns on the highly congested fixture in the yearly snooker calendar. O’Sullivan speaks out after winning his fourth world title. AFP photo

Ronnie O’Sullivan is considering his future in the game after winning the world snooker championship for a fourth time with an 18-11 victory over Ali Carter on May 7.

O’Sullivan called on the game’s governing body, World Snooker, to treat players fairly, adding that he could quit due to the pressure to compete in an increasing number of tournaments across the globe.
“I’m quite happy to move on, if I have to, because there’s a lot out there for me to do,” O’Sullivan told reporters. “I know there’s still a bit more in the tank for me in snooker but certain people need to start doing the right thing.

“It’s up to the governing body to treat the players right and say that they don’texpect the players to travel to 28 tournaments a year.

“I’m prepared to work as hard as anyone but I just want to be treated fairly and I think the top players need to be treated fairly. If players don’t play in the minor events, they’re going to drop out of the top 16 and you know they’re going to have to qualify for tournaments.

O’Sullivan said the ruling body had a chance to sort the situation out.

“I’ve made plans but I’m not making any knee-jerk reactions. I’m having four, five or six months off and then I’ll assess the situation,” he said. “I’ve had a long time to think about everything I’ve done. I’m not saying I have retired but what I am saying is that my family has become the most important thing in my life.”