‘Robin Hood of Istanbul’ sends wedding gifts

‘Robin Hood of Istanbul’ sends wedding gifts

ISTANBUL – Demirören News Agency
‘Robin Hood of Istanbul’ sends wedding gifts

The self-proclaimed “Robin Hood” of Istanbul, a mysterious person who likes to randomly distribute money to disadvantaged people, has surprised a mother in preparations for her son’s wedding by sending a package of gifts.

Dubbed by some locals “Hızır” - a guardian angel who shows up unexpectedly at a time when it is especially needed - the mysterious person recently visited the poor Kuleli neighborhood in Istanbul’s Üsküdar district on the Anatolian side on Dec. 21.

As he had done in four other poor districts since March, “Robin Hood” and his entourage of about 10 people distributed envelopes including 1,000 Turkish Liras (around $168) to the residents, paid all the debts of the people to the local grocery shops and gave pocket money to children.

When reporters arrived in the scene, local woman Vecihe Akgül told Demirören New Agency that the much-needed money came just on time.

“I really needed it. I will hold a wedding [for my son]. I will organize an engagement ceremony. I wish he had given 3,000 or 5,000 liras,” she said.

Her husband was a paraplegic person, and she was looking for a part-time job, she added.

On Dec. 24, a woman and a man - both clothed in black and hiding their faces – paid a visit to Akgül’s house. 

They conveyed her a package including five Cumhuriyet gold coins, which are worth about 9,500 liras ($1,600) in total, an envelope including 1,000 liras ($168) and a chocolate box. 

The man, whose identity remains a mystery, in his first appearance, donated money to the residents of Hasköy, a quarter on the northern bank of the Golden Horn in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district in March.

In the following months, he did the same thing in other economically-deprived neighborhoods, Şahintepesi on the European side and Şifa and Yenisahra on the Anatolian side.