Risk of floods as Mediterranean water getting warmer: Expert

Risk of floods as Mediterranean water getting warmer: Expert

Risk of floods as Mediterranean water getting warmer: Expert

With the Mediterranean Sea getting warmer and autumn finally here, a meteorologist has warned that there is a potential risk of extreme weather events, such as floods and heavy storms, in Türkiye and the Balkans from the second half of October.

Meteorologist Kerem Ökten stated that as Mediterranean Sea temperatures are above average, storms, heavy downpours and thunderbolts are expected. Sudden changes in daily meteorological conditions might also be observed during the fall due to the effect of hot seawater, Ökten stressed.

Elaborating on weather conditions for the coming winter, he stated that they are monitoring the Siberian snow cover situation. “The wider the Siberian cover, the more likely it is to experience a harsh winter,” he explained.

According to the weekly weather forecast by Ökten, rains will occur across the country this week.

While the precipitation will be strong, especially in the Black Sea provinces of Bolu, Düzce, Trabzon and Artvin and the southeastern provinces of Bingöl, Hakkari and Şırnak, the meteorologist also warned of floods, high winds, thunderbolts and landslides.

Strong winds from the north of the eastern and southeastern regions of the country are expected.

Citizens residing in these regions should stay prepared against the possible risk of falling trees and polls and the disruption in transportation service due to unfavorable weather, Ökten warned.

Weather will be partly cloudy with intermittent showers in the east of the Marmara region.

In the Aegean region, weather will be partly cloudy, while the inner sections are expected to witness rainfalls.

The eastern Mediterranean, especially Hatay and the east of Mersin, will experience cloudy and rainy weather with thunderstorms, while the northern and eastern parts of the Central Anatolia region will experience intermittent showers and cloudy weather.

Heavy rains and thunderstorms will occur in nearly all provinces of the Black Sea region, while in Eastern Anatolia, weather is likely to stay partly cloudy.