Reporters rescue woman subjected to violence

Reporters rescue woman subjected to violence

Reporters rescue woman subjected to violence

In a shocking incident caught on camera, Demirören News Agency (DHA) reporters helped save the life of a woman who was kidnapped by her partner in the northwestern province of Bursa on June 30.

The video showing the woman resisting violence from her partner went viral on social media, with users calling out on the issue of violence against women that has failed to suppress in the country.

Due to the violence in her relationship, the 26-year-old woman, identified only by the initials S.K., decided to end her five-year relationship with Tolgahan Toktaş.

She was being systematically disturbed and harassed by Toktaş, despite the fact that there was a restraining order against him.

Toktaş broke the house where the woman lived on June 30 and by threatening her with a knife that he grabbed from the kitchen, he put her in the cab and brought her to another spot in the city. Reaching the spot, the woman started to resist Toktaş physically while getting out of the taxi.

Just when that happened, DHA reporters Derya Evren and İsmail Hakkı Seymen, who were at the scene by chance, noticed the knife on Toktaş’s waist.

Evren, who intervened in the incident right away, firstly took the victim woman out of the taxi and then took the knife from Toktaş’s waist while Seymen recorded the whole incident with his camera.

Police officials, who came to the scene upon receiving notifications from people around, de-tained the attacker.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve been beaten and received death threats,” the woman said, call-ing to authorities to take necessary action after stressing that she has no life safety.

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