Refugee teenager kills family

Refugee teenager kills family

KARAMAN - Doğan News Agency
A teenage Afghan refugee killed four family members, his mother, father and two sisters as well as the family’s cat in the central Anatolian province of Karaman May 30 after a reported nervous breakdown.

Nezar Afzaly, aged 19, who had moved to Karaman from the Eastern province of Van after a 17-year-old family member member killed herself.

Karaman police were notified by a neighbor, who saw the suspect with blood on his hands and clothes.

Police forces arriving on the scene detained Afzaly who left the house to “buy bread” after the murders.

His father, who was alive at the time, was hospitalized by police but could not be saved.

The dead bodies of the mother, 52-year-old Nesibe Afzaly, and sisters, 23-year-old Naciye and Mesude, were taken to the Karaman State Hospital’s morgue.

Nezar Afzaly was taken Karaman Police Department.