'Puzzle murder' of Azeri woman in Istanbul solved

'Puzzle murder' of Azeri woman in Istanbul solved

Puzzle murder of Azeri woman in Istanbul solved

'2001, Istanbul, Tazegül,' were the only words that the police told the suspect when he was detained again 13 years after the murder. The suspect, according to Doğan News Agency, just collaped in a heap and declined to talk to the police

The suspect in the gruesome murder of an Azeri woman in Istanbul has been arrested after 13 years, as "the puzzle" has finally been solved thanks to new forensic technologies, Doğan News Agency reported.

Tazegül Dadaşova was killed in Istanbul with pieces of her corpse found in various neighborhoods from April 2001 to May 2001. Her son, Salih Dadaşova, applied to police four days after her death. A suspect, identified as Mevlüt S., was detained after Salih Dadaşova told police that he might have killed his mother who wanted to end her relationshiop with him.

Due to the technical limitations at the time, however, the pieces of the corpse couldn't be matched, leading to the release of the sole suspect, who couldn't be linked to the murder. After more than a decade, though, new forensic techniques enabled authorities to be sure that the all pieces belonged to the same corpse. 

Further DNA tests proved that the severed head, legs and the torso found in separate neighborhoods belonged to Tazegül Dadaşova, while the new GSM evidence showed Mevlüt S. was near the victim's house around the time of the murder.

The suspect was detained in the western city of Bursa last week and the court ordered him to be jailed pending trial, according to Doğan News Agency.