Public servants ask for posts in the west

Public servants ask for posts in the west

Public servants ask for posts in the west

Most of the requests to be appointed to the west come from the spouses of army officials, judges, prosecutors and district governors, minister Dinçer says.

Most public servants working in the east of Turkey want to be appointed to the west, Education Minister Ömer Dinçer has said, according to daily Hürriyet.

“Most of the demands [to be appointed to the west] come from the spouses of army officials, judges, prosecutors, foreign ministry officers and district governors. The requests are mostly to be reappointed from east to west,” Dinçer told Hürriyet on Aug. 25. 

Dinçer said a new plan was set to be implemented regarding the appointments of public servants due to the work situation of their spouses.

“We will talk to the General Staff, the Ministry of Justice, the Foreign Ministry and the Interior Ministry, and we will ask them to let us know about the appointment requests of their staff beforehand, in order to maintain coordination between these institutions,” Dinçer said. 

“From now on we will only make appointments due to spouses’ situation once a year, in August. 50,000 teachers change their schools because their spouse works in another city, and this affects education in a negative way,” he added. “The demands are also mostly [to be moved] from east to west. Therefore, there is an accumulation of teachers in the west and a shortage of teachers in the east. The coordination between the ministries and General Staff is not going to be possible for those whose spouses work in the private sector. However, those who previously used to work in public banks will be able to take advantage of the situation.”

Dinçer said some teachers might get angry because of all the new regulations, but that the only concern should be “to focus on an education system that puts the student in the center.”

Dinçer added that the High School Placement Exam (SBS) would also be ruled out in time. “We are not content with this system. In the future the schools will choose their students by their own methods and by themselves,” he said.