President Gül cautions against Feb 28 revanchism

President Gül cautions against Feb 28 revanchism

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
President Gül cautions against Feb 28 revanchism

This file photo shows a protest in Istanbul against the military and political leaders at the time of ‘February 28 process,’ demanding an investigation into the subject. AA photo

Turkish President Abdullah Gül has said it was important to avoid a revanchist approach in dealing with the Feb. 28 Process, often dubbed the “Postmodern Coup,” while speaking to journalists onboard a plane to Tunisia for an official visit.

“Revanchism is always bad. If you tackle matters with a revanchist mindset, then you end up transforming the issue into a neverending business of taking turns. You take your revenge when it is your turn, but you also create a cause for others when [it is their turn,]” Gül told reporters.

Revanchism, in particular with regards to the judiciary, could cause Turkey to fall back from its current democratics standards, according to the president.

“I am a first degree witness to the Feb. 28 Process, but now I am in a situation where I have to approach matters from a distance conferred [upon me] by the office of the presidency. Making sure that such things do not happen again is the first [issue] that needs to be taken care of when tackling the matter,” he said.

The progress so far has been attained vis a vis democratic standards, human rights and other legal advances has to be rendered permanent to avoid such a repetition of events. The second matter of concern is that the injustices committed against a large number of people whose rights were trampled upon during the Feb. 28 Process ought to be rectified, he added.

Journalists in jail bad for Turkey’s image
Gül also said the state of affairs in Turkey with regard to the arrest of journalists befitted neither Turkey’s image nor the standards of freedom it had already achieved.

“The expressionof any thought that does not involve violence ought not be regarded as a crime,” he said, according to the daily Vatan.

Gül further said the controversial banners unfurled at a recent rally in Istanbul’s Taksim Square to protest the Khojaly massacre did not reflect the sentiments of the Turkish public.

“These [banners] should have been brought down before anybody saw or witnessed them.”
The president also said that either the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) or other people may not desire a solution to the Kurdish problem, and that it was important to deal with the problem confidently by raising democratic standards.