Police throws helmet, beats protester in İzmir

Police throws helmet, beats protester in İzmir

İZMİR – Doğan News Agency
Police throws helmet, beats protester in İzmir

The man was left severely injured after the police's beating. DHA photo

A man was left bloodied after being beaten on March 12 in İzmir by several policemen, one of whom first threw his helmet at the individual before allegedly proceeding to beat the victim along with several colleagues.

A police officer threw his helmet at a café where several protesters were sheltered after a scuffle between them. Some of the other officers rushed to the café, while others attempted to stop them, according to video footage.

The police officers reportedly took one of the protesters out of the café and hit him in the face with his helmet, leaving his face covered in blood, according to media reports. The man and another wounded protester from the scene were hospitalized.

The police officer left the protester and his helmet, which has his identification number – 3130, at the scene.

İzmir Governor Mustafa Toprak announced that authorities started a probe on the policeman's conduct, after the video of the incident was shown on daily Hürriyet's website: