Police threatening family of killed Gezi protester, family says

Police threatening family of killed Gezi protester, family says

Police threatening family of killed Gezi protester, family says

Ethem Sarısülük's relatives protest the official's attitude after making an official complaint at the Ankara Courthouse, June 26. AA photo

The family of Ethem Sarısülük, the protester who was shot dead by a police officer in Ankara’s Güvenpark during the Gezi Park protests, is being threatened with custody by the police, Ethem’s brother announced on July 9.

Brother Mustafa and his wife Çiğdem Sarısülük declared through their joint Twitter account that the police had raided the houses of family members and had left a threatening note. They also stated that they would not give up in the search for justice for Ethem. 

The Sarısülüks said that during the most recent raid, the police left a note at the apartment of their aunt after being unable to find her at home. “Tell them, we will take them into custody as soon as we see them. They talk too much,” the note said.

The family is closely following the lawsuit in which the court ruled to release the suspect pending trial in late June, and the suspect was later granted police protection.

“Our relatives’ homes have been raided by the police and they have been threatened. The daughters of our aunt are trying to be silenced with police threats. After hiding evidence, releasing and protecting the police officer, and rejecting our petitions, now our relatives are being threatened. We are condemning this policy of oppression and intimidation against us,” the Sarısülüks also wrote. 

“Do they think we will fear and give up on this case? They are mistaken. We will not give up on this case, on this fight,” they stressed, adding that they were not afraid and they would be pressing charges over the threats.