Passport app developed for visitors to Şanlıurfa

Passport app developed for visitors to Şanlıurfa

Passport app developed for visitors to Şanlıurfa

The “Passportapplication, which has been personalized as a mobile travel guide, has been launched in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa, which is one of the most important centers of cultural tourism. The app has been developed to ensure that local and foreign tourists spend a good quality time in the city.

The digital application was developed by the Şanlıurfa Tourism Development A.Ş., which was established in collaboration with the governor’s office, municipality and Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, as thousands of local and foreign tourists are hosted every year in the city with its deep-rooted history, natural richness and potential in faith tourism.

In the application, there is a travel guide, a map, food and beverage recommendations, accommodation and sightseeing routes in Şanlıurfa. Currently available in Turkish, English and Chinese, the app will serve in other languages in the coming days, too. Every activity possible in the city will gather under the same roof on the application, providing a great convenience to the visitors.

Also, a passport-look guide, which will be given free of charge to visitors to the city, includes 12 tasks that are included in the application, consisting of the city’s leading historical and tourist sites and local delicacies. The honorary citizenship certificate will be given to those who complete 10 of these tasks.

Visitors who wish will have the opportunity to store their travel passports as a memory of Şanlıurfa by printing their photos at some spots in Balıklıgöl and Göbeklitepe for 2 Turkish Liras.

Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency, Şanlıurfa Tourism Development Director Mehmet Uncu said that they provide great convenience to local and foreign tourists during their visits to the city thanks to the application that works with smart intelligence. He said that the application aroused great curiosity in the promotional activities.

“We will now give a Şanlıurfa Passport to tourists coming to our city. Thanks to the passport, which is also integrated with mobile phones, we will give 12 basic tasks to them. Among these tasks are enjoyable offers such as visiting Göbeklitepe, seeing Balıklıgöl, inhaling the air of Halfeti, and tasting the unique local flavors of Şanlıurfa. Normal promotional products, maps, images and brochures are usually wasted after use. However, thanks to the personalized application, our visitors will have the opportunity to keep them as a beautiful memory,” he said.