Over three tons of marijuana seized in SE Turkey

Over three tons of marijuana seized in SE Turkey

ANKARA/BİNGÖL - Anadolu Agency
Over three tons of marijuana seized in SE Turkey

Turkish security forces seized over 3.6 tons of marijuana as part of anti-narcotics and anti-terrorism operations in southeastern and eastern Turkey, local officials said on Jan. 23.

Provincial gendarmerie forces uncovered 2.3 tons of the drug during successful operations in mountainous and rural areas of Diyarbakır province launched on Jan. 20, the governorship said in a written statement.

The seized drugs were concealed under dry grass and tents, as well as bushes and rocky areas.

Apart from the drugs, security forces also found and destroyed three winter shelters, three surveillance posts and one underground depot used by terrorists.

Following a forensic search, gendarmerie forces also found and neutralized a number of ingredients for handmade explosive devices, and revealed other materials and documents of the terrorist organization.

The statement also stressed that resolute operations to ensure security and tranquility in the region would continue.

Although the statement did not mention any specific terrorist group, Turkish forces have been conducting operations against the PKK terrorist organization in the region for a long time.

Separately, gendarmerie in Diyarbakır and the eastern Bingöl province seized 1.3 tons of marijuana in a joint operation in Lice district of Diyarbakır, according to local authorities.

The security forces found powdered marijuana in three locations within 31 sacks and eight plastic drums buried underground in an operation helped by sniffer dogs in rural Diyarbakır, the statement said.