Ottoman artifacts to be for sale at Artam auction

Ottoman artifacts to be for sale at Artam auction

Ottoman artifacts to be for sale at Artam auction

The auction will also feature Roberto Copello’s Istanbul painting.

Ottoman artifacts and paintings will be put up for sale during the “272nd Important Turkish Paintings Auction,” organized by Artam Antik Auction House on April 8 at Istanbul’s Swissotel.

According to a written statement made by the auction house, seven paintings by Nazmi Ziya from various periods will be auctioned for the first time. His landscape painting “Bülbür Deresi” (Nightingale River) and Sami Yetik’s still life painting “Kartopu Çiçekleri” (Snowball Flowers) will be auctioned with an opening price of 400,000 Turkish Liras.

Halil Paşa’s “Istanbul Peyzajı” (Istanbul Landscape), Şevket Dağ’s “Hagia Sophia,” İbrahim Çallı’s sought-after “Manolyalar” (Magnolias) and Hikmet Onat’s “Tekneler” (Boats) will also be auctioned during the event, along with works by artists including Feyhaman Duran, Namık İsmail, Naci Kalmukoğlu and Cemal Tollu.

The signature of Ottoman Sultan Mahmut II, which was made using Turkish Edirnekari calligraphy art, is among the other objects in the auction as well as calligraphy from leading calligraphy artists such as Kazasker Mustafa İzzet, Hasan Rıza, Mahmut Celalettin, Bakkal Arif.

The opening price for Kazasker Mustafa İzzet’s Hilye-i Şerif will be 100,000 liras.

Along with Turkish artists, masterpieces by many European artists will also be on sale at the auction. These are items which have shown rising values in the art market in recent years. Among them are Roberto Copello, who painted Istanbul as a documentary film, Leonardo de Mango and Fabius Brest.
Some rare objects that will particularly excite collectors are a diamond French order of merit, pieces of jewelry, knives and furniture.

Antique silver sets including a Noah’s pudding bowl, carafe, pitcher and dessert plate, and a porcelain collection which includes the first period productions of Yıldız Porcelain Factory, examples of Tophane craftsmanship and many specially produced objects from the Ottoman era will also be up for auction.
Artam Antique Auction House Executive Board Chairman Turgay Artam will lead the auction, during which a total of 250 objects will be for sale. These objects can be seen in the main building of Antik A.Ş. in the Maçka neighborhood.