Officials warn of storms, heavy snowfall across Turkey

Officials warn of storms, heavy snowfall across Turkey

Officials warn of storms, heavy snowfall across Turkey

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Turkish officials have warned of storms and heavy snowfall across Turkey, including Istanbul, for Jan. 6 as wintry weather continues to hit the country. 

According to the General Directorate of Meteorology, heavy snow will fall in Istanbul on Jan. 6, with temperatures expected to plunge by up to eight degrees to -5 Celsius and snow expected to continue for three days. 

Heavy storms, rain and snowfall are also expected in the Marmara region at around noon.

“The snowfall that will have an impact all over Turkey will last for four days. Heavy snowfall will make an impact in Istanbul in the afternoon. Snowfall will occur all over Turkey, especially on Saturday and Sunday,” said General Directorate of Meteorology Analysis and Forecast unit head Ahmet Uçar, while warning of the threat of frost and ice.

“We are expecting intense snowfall. With it, we are expecting frost and ice to occur,” he also said. 

Officials said snowfall would not be limited to the Marmara region, noting that the temperature would fall by up to 15 degrees in central and eastern regions of the country. 

Strong winds expected from the south could cause damages to roofs and topple trees and poles, according to authorities.

Drivers are urged to be cautious due to the possible reduction of visibility, particularly amid possible fog.

Moreover, floods are also expected due to heavy rain.