No other option than peace in Ukraine: MHP leader

No other option than peace in Ukraine: MHP leader

No other option than peace in Ukraine: MHP leader

Peace is the only option in Ukraine and there is no alternative to it, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader has said, underlining that creating another Syria in the Black Sea is in no one’s interest.

“Civilian casualties and bombed cities, unfortunately, prick our conscience. There is no second choice but peace,” MHP Chairman Bahçeli told his lawmakers at a weekly address at the parliament on March 15.

“Creating a new Syria in the northern Black Sea will be to nobody’s interest. We are on the side of peace,” he stated, referring to the ongoing turmoil on the Syrian territories since 2011 that claimed the lives of more than a million civilians and led millions of Syrians to flee their homes to neighboring countries.

Bahçeli praised Turkey’s balanced diplomacy and efforts to mediate between Ukraine and Russia, the countries with which it has special bonds, saying, “Turkey is drawing the attention of everybody thanks to its ability to engage with both countries. Turkey is on the agenda of the world through its active diplomacy. It is even shining like a pole star.”

The Antalya summit of Ukrainian and Russian foreign ministers is clearly a diplomatic success and a first step towards peace, Bahçeli said, criticizing the comments that the meeting did not produce any concrete outcome.

He also slammed some Western nations for pressing on Turkey to comply with sanctions on Russia, stressing no sanction imposed by the West was as severe as Turkey’s decision to close its straits to the passage of Russian warships.

Devlet Bahçeli,