No one can turn Turkey into a terror-stricken country again: Erdoğan

No one can turn Turkey into a terror-stricken country again: Erdoğan

No one can turn Turkey into a terror-stricken country again: Erdoğan

Turkey will never again see the old days when it suffered from terror attacks, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said, while adding that its economy will not underperform either.

“Never again will any power be able to turn Turkey into a country where terrorist organizations are active. Never again will any power cause Turkey’s economy and infrastructure to fall behind the levels it has achieved,” Erdoğan said March 26 at a rally in the eastern Van province of Turkey.

“From now on, Turkey will only talk about unity and brotherhood,” he added.

“We worked hard to solve the problems of our Kurdish brothers and sisters, as well as others, in terms of poverty, rights and freedoms,” he stated.

He said his government faced many risks and introduced reforms that “no one dared to implement before.”

“We liberated our country’s democracy from prohibitions, oppressions, oppressions.”

He reiterated criticisms against the alliance of opposition parties and said “Turkey cannot reach the desired future with the opposition’s mentality.”

Whatever problems Turkey faced were the result of policies of the ones that founded the opposition parties. He was referring to the Nation’s Alliance, formed by Republican People’s Party (CHP) and İYİ (Good) Party.

“On March 31, we will decide on not just mayors, but also how we will leave a country to our children,” he said, adding: “We cannot reach the future with the alliance of these mentalities known for harming the development of our country.”

Erdoğan asked for votes to “make Turkey one of the most developed 10 countries of the world.” “We expect your support to make our country one of the world’s top 10 economies.”

“The Turkish government has achieved introducing reforms on health in the past 15 years which even the U.S. could not manage to succeed,” he said.

Erdoğan said the government would launch a new support program to subsidize livestock breeding in the country.

“Currently, we pay 25 Liras per animal for breeding support. As of next year, we will start to pay 100 Liras for each animal in the herd,” he said.