Nigerian student killed by locals in Turkish Cyprus

Nigerian student killed by locals in Turkish Cyprus

Ömer Bilge – NICOSIA
Nigerian student killed by locals in Turkish Cyprus

A university student of Nigerian-origin was killed on Jan. 31 reportedly by locals in the Turkish Cyprus's province of Famagusta.

Kennedy Taomwabwa, 28, was a student of Eastern Mediterranean University. He was reportedly abducted from the city center by a group who kidnapped him against his will.

Taomwabwa was taken home and killed by the group of eight locals, including three women, according to the police officials.

Turkish Cypriot police found his body near a pond outside of the city and detected he was killed after he was beaten up.

Three suspects, who were allegedly involved in the murder, were detained by police. In their testimony, one of the detained suspects said they witnessed the murder even though they did not commit it. 

Police said there were five other suspects, adding that the motivation of the murder was still unclear.

Meanwhile, university students protested the murder of their friend, chanting that they wanted justice.

Friends of the killed student said he had been kidnapped previously in a similar way a week ago.

The university administration also issued a statement that said the murder had caused them great discomfort.

Turkish Cypriots,