NGO decries jailing of journalists

NGO decries jailing of journalists

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News

The Freedom for Journalists Platform (GÖP) has issued a call to draw the public’s attention to the continued imprisonment of 64 journalists in Turkey and a public press statement set to be released tomorrow.

“Along with yesterday’s arrest of journalist and writer Ragýp Zarakolu, the number of imprisoned journalists arrested or convicted due to the Anti-Terror Law and provisions that limit the freedom of the press and expression in the Turkish Penal Code has reached 64,” the statement issued by GÖP read yesterday.

There are currently about 10,000 investigations and lawsuits underway against numerous journalists and media institutions, the statement said.

Journalist organizations in Europe will also highlight the issue of imprisoned journalists in Turkey on Nov. 5, on the occasion of the “Stand Up for Journalism Day,” according to the statement.

Meanwhile, GÖP, which brings together 94 professional journalist organizations, has also initiated a protest act to send holiday cards from Turkey and abroad prior to the onset of the Feast of the Sacrifice, said the statement.