New heat wave to scorch Istanbul: Expert

New heat wave to scorch Istanbul: Expert

New heat wave to scorch Istanbul: Expert

New heavy rainfalls are expected in six northeastern provinces hit by flood last week and a new heat wave will scorch Istanbul and the Marmara region next week, a meteorologist has warned.

“Apart from the eastern part of the Black Sea region, there will be no precipitation across the country,” Orhan Şen said on the private broadcaster CNN Türk on July 28.

Naming the provinces of Samsun, Ordu, Giresun, Trabzon, Rize and Artvin over possible new precipitation for the next two days, Şen said, “The people living by the streambeds in these provinces should watch out.”

Two floods devastated the northeastern provinces in the past weeks, killing six people. Three people went missing. According to officials, the cost of the damages is around 200 million Turkish Liras ($23.3 million).

Şen also warned the Marmara region and Istanbul over unusual weather conditions and that locals should expect a heat wave.

“A new wave will scorch the region starting from the weekend and lasting until next Wednesday [Aug. 4],” Şen noted.

He said the looming heat wave will be even hotter than the heat wave that struck in June.

He said Istanbul will be hotter than 35 degrees Celsius this time round.

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