New details emerge in massive bank fraud

New details emerge in massive bank fraud

New details emerge in massive bank fraud

New details have emerged about a recent bank fraud in which two brothers from the Black Sea province of Samsun embezzled a whopping 16 billion Turkish Liras ($1 billion) from a private Turkish bank through a leak they found in the bank’s digital system.

According to the information obtained, illegitimate money transfers, which amounted to a total worth of one and a half years’ profit of the undisclosed bank, were made between Feb. 26 and 28.

It is believed by authorities that the illegitimate money transfers were due to a digital software error between the investment division and the deposit division of the bank and that there was no hacking attempt.

The bank realized too late the dramatic explosion of deposits in its accounts, as the historic robbery attempt took place over the weekend, but understood that there was something wrong with the figures.

Seeing the unusual transfers, the bank blocked the account, but it could not predict what had happened until the brothers, Recep Gezek and Emre Gezek, were caught by police who got suspicious after seeing them carrying heavy bags full of money in broad daylight.

Following the illegal transfers, an incident that is believed to be one of the biggest bank fraud attempts in history, the first thing the brothers did was to buy two brand-new mobile phones. They also attempted to buy a new luxury car.

The brothers then started clearing the debts of their family members.