Mystical Göbeklitepe to be focus of Netflix's new Turkish series

Mystical Göbeklitepe to be focus of Netflix's new Turkish series

Mystical Göbeklitepe to be focus of Netflixs new Turkish series

Göbeklitepe, the world’s oldest temple in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa, will be the center of the new Netflix series “The Gift” (Atiye), the mystery drama’s star actress Beren Saat told reporters on Dec. 17. 

“This is a story born in this part of the world, and Göbeklitepe plays the leading role in this narrative,” said Saat, who is best known for her roles in series such as “Aşk-ı Memnu” and “Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?”

Her comments came during a press screening for “The Gift” in Istanbul.

Describing Göbeklitepe as “a very important discovery for humanity,” the 35-year-old actress said: “We are helping to revive this story. The lead role in this story is actually Anatolia,” she said, referring to the Turkish heartland.

Göbeklitepe, declared an official UNESCO World Heritage Site last year, was discovered in 1963 by researchers from the universities of Istanbul and Chicago.

The German Archaeological Institute and Sanliurfa Museum have been carrying out joint excavations at the site since 1995. They found T-shaped obelisks from the Neolithic era towering three to six meters high and weighing 40-60 tons.

Video streaming company Netflix’s second Turkish original series will be launched worldwide on Dec. 27.

The show focuses on the story of an artist, Atiye, played by Saat who lives in Istanbul. Her life changes after a discovery at the ancient site of Göbeklitepe.

A book adaptation, the eight-part mystery drama also stars Mehmet Gunsur, Başak Köklükaya and Civan Canova.

One of the directors of the series, Gönenc Uyanık, said he was proud as their show focuses on “the story of a powerful woman.”

Netflix’s first original Turkish series, “The Protector,” was released in December last year and stars Çagatay Ulusoy as a young shopkeeper who learns he is connected to a secret, ancient order tasked with protecting Istanbul.

In November, the streaming company announced a third Turkish original series by Turkish playwright and actor Berkun Oya. The untitled project will be set in Istanbul.