Movement invites 1 billion women to dance against violence

Movement invites 1 billion women to dance against violence

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
Movement invites 1 billion women to dance against violence

Movement logo taken from One Billion Rising Turkey's Facebook page

A global Valentine’s Day event has invited 1 billion women to oppose violence against women through dancing, with several Turkish cities joining in as well.

Antalya, Istanbul, İzmir, Bursa, Çanakkale and many other cities will be hosting events Feb. 14, calling women nationwide to dance. Millions will be dancing around the world, with hundreds of events organized to show “collective strength” and “solidarity across borders” on violence against women. The Istanbul branch will include events in Beşiktaş, Sarıyer and Haydarpaşa.

In accordance with the event’s motto, “Dancing is Revolution,” several groups have been offering free lessons to women, calling them bust their moves on the big day. The Beşiktaş Municipality has also provided free dance lessons for women.

“Dance is holy, sexual, and it’s a way of being very powerful and a little dangerous without being violent,” Eve Ensler is quoted as saying on the movement’s official website.

NGOs like Amnesty International and companies like MTV are all part of the diverse list of supporters of the movement, with hundreds of local women’s groups involved as well. Celebrities and politicians have also joined forces with the group, with names like Charlize Theron and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard taking the stage.

This Feb. 14 will mark the movement’s 15th anniversary, and men, as well as women, are invited to join in.

“Violence against women and girls is not only a woman’s issue; it’s a human issue. When we say everyone should join the campaign we mean EVERYONE,” the group’s website read.

One in every three women in the world will experience violence, such as rape, assault or beating, in her lifetime, according to the website.