Mosque burnt out during restoration

Mosque burnt out during restoration

BURSA - Doğan News Agency
Mosque burnt out during restoration

The Hüdavendigar Ulu Mosque burnt out completely during a fire caused by an electrical problem. DHA photo

A historical mosque in Bursa’ Karacabey district has been effectively destroyed in a fire that was caused by an electrical problem during restoration and allegedly hampered by workers’ negligence.
Prosecutors opened an investigation into the incident yesterday.

Some residents said the workers had not paid enough attention to the 14th century wooden Hüdavendigar Ulu Mosque during the restoration work. “If they were using risky methods in restoration, they should have taken sufficient measures. The fire could have been extinguished even with fire-extinguishers,” one resident said.

Workers conducting the restoration reportedly ignited the blaze with a flame gun tool and then waited roughly 15 minutes before calling firefighters as they attempted to extinguish the flames themselves.

The mosque, which was being restored by the Bursa Provincial Directorate of Foundations, was destroyed almost completely as the local fire department struggled to bring the flames under control, eventually calling for backup.

Only the stone walls of the mosque, which also caught fire in 1922, were left standing following the blaze.
Karacabey District Gov. Dursun Balaban said the restoration works had been continuing for two months. “We will restore the historic mosque again in its original style and open it to public service again.”