Misli.com becomes official sponsor of TFF leagues

Misli.com becomes official sponsor of TFF leagues

Misli.com becomes official sponsor of TFF leagues

Turkey’s fastest-growing betting site misli.com has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) on Sept. 9, as the online platform will be the official sponsor of the Second and Third Leagues of the country.

“Whoever downloads the Misli.com application will be able to watch the matches live,” Demirören Holding Chair Yıldırım Demirören said at the signing ceremony.

“Misli.com supports 106 clubs and 2,600 sportsmen in the Second and the Third Leagues. We are happy to stand by Turkish football,” added Demirören.

TFF President Nihat Özdemir thanked the Demirören family and Yıldırım Demirören personally for their support.

“Players will be more motivated with the livestream. We will gain new and young players for the national teams and spectators will be able to watch matches at home amid this outbreak period,” Özdemir said at the press conference.

He also stressed on the importance of the agreement, saying, “This will be an important deal to prohibit illegal betting.”

The weekly number of the matches to be broadcast live has not been decided yet. It will be declared after a decision to be made regarding the locations of the stadiums, according to the officials.

Volkan Can, the president of the clubs of Second and Third Leagues, also thanked Demirören, saying, “We are so glad to have him.”

Demirören, who was the 32nd president of Istanbul’s prominent club Beşiktaş between 2004 and 2012, served as the president of TFF between 2012 and 2019.

“Since 2000, I have been in the sports world. Supporting sports is an indispensable value of my family. I will carry on the tradition started by my late father,” said Demirören.

The matches of the Second and the Third Leagues will be on air on misli.com and its application.