Ministry warns of excessive water consumption

Ministry warns of excessive water consumption

Meltem Özgenç - ISTANBUL
Ministry warns of excessive water consumption

Amid blistering heatwaves sweeping across the country, resulting in record-breaking temperatures and triggering wildfires, Agriculture and Forestry Ministry has raised concerns over the alarming surge in water consumption, urging citizens to use water judiciously.

Recent scorching heatwaves Türkiye has been in the grip of have kept temperatures over 40 degrees, especially in the western and southern provinces, while temperatures in Istanbul broke a 23-year record. The country's water consumption has recently reached alarming levels amid extreme heat fueling wildfires.

According to the ministry’s data on water consumption, Istanbul’s daily water consumption per capita has recently reached some 90 to 130 liters.

Therefore, the ministry has issued warnings for citizens to use water consciously to minimize problems related to water scarcity that may occur in the coming period.

The ministry drew attention to the importance of saving water while doing laundry and dishwashing, watering flowers and washing rugs, also recommending that farmers abandon traditional irrigation methods and opt for modern methods.

Meanwhile, according to the latest forecasts, the sweltering temperatures are expected to decrease, especially around northwestern Türkiye, around seasonal norms.