Minister Eroğlu reassures Istanbul will not have more water shortages

Minister Eroğlu reassures Istanbul will not have more water shortages

IĞDIR – Anadolu Agency
Minister Eroğlu reassures Istanbul will not have more water shortages

Waters in Istanbul reservoirs are experiencing record lows following a relatively dry winter.

Forestry and Waterworks Minister Veysel Eroğlu assured that there will not be more water shortages in Istanbul, saying although there was lack of rain for about five months, it has been raining enough recently. He added that there are many streams that supply Istanbul’s water.

“We have previously said that there will not be any interruptions to the water supply in 1995. Until now, there hasn’t been many; we have enough water,” said Eroğlu responding to reporters’ questions yesterday in the eastern province of Iğdır’s Governorate’s Office.

Eroğlu added that concerns about droughts and the increase in the city’s population are unnecessary because the ministry has been taking many measures to prevent water shortage.

“[Istanbul’s] population has reached 15 million, but there is no water shortage. There is a drought, but with our hard work and the help of God, the water supply will not be cut off. As people keep talking [about the lack of water], God keeps it raining,” said Eroğlu.

Eroğlu also said that many bodies of water from around Istanbul are being utilized for the city’s water supply.

“We have done a lot of work for Istanbul. There are seven streams flowing into Istanbul. There is water coming from Yeşilçay. Two rivers from Ağva [in the neighborhood of the Şile district] are carrying water to the city. We are making sure the Great Melen Stream also flows toward Istanbul.”

Eroğlu also answered reporters’ questions on the arguments about not washing cars in order to avoid wasting water and said he has not made any such statements.

“If we told people not to wash their cars, they would be worried there was a shortage of water. I am not saying anything like that. That has been said by someone else in the ministry [of Forestry and Waterworks] regarding saving water. After all, we should not waste.”

Eroğlu said the citizens should not be deceived into believing there is a water shortage in Istanbul and added there is nothing to worry about.