MHP again calls for new Istanbul poll

MHP again calls for new Istanbul poll

MHP again calls for new Istanbul poll

The “dubious” elections for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality necessitates a re-vote, and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) is sticking by this, the party leader Devlet Bahçeli said in a written statement on May 1.

“Even though the local elections are behind us, there is an increase in political disputes rather than a decrease. The mystery, doubt and suspicion regarding the mayoral elections for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality are yet to be removed. Foreign powers are working meticulously to cover up the wrongfulness and unlawfulness that marked the Istanbul elections,” Bahçeli said.

“Justice should be served for Turkey. The MHP is supporting re-election in Istanbul, and our viable and sincere calls concerning this are well known,” he added.

Turkey is rightfully worried about the country’s “unsolved issues,” Bahçeli stated, adding that the real source of concern is difficulties in focusing on the priority in the agenda, which is “fixing the corruption in the polls.”

The party leader also stressed that the last word and responsibility of “correcting the irregularities” belongs with Turkey’s Supreme Election Council (YSK).

“The more YSK’s decision gets prolonged, the more speculations, disputes and arguments swell. It is a national expectation that rejections [in Istanbul polls] are properly evaluated,” he said.

If YSK’s rulings beseem with a conscience, the MHP will abide by the body’s decisions, the MHP head stated.

Bahçeli also refuted claims about MHP and its ally, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), keeping aloof from each other, noting his party’s constancy towards the “People’s Alliance.”

“Everyone should know that ‘People’s Alliance‘ will not allow any traitor. Conspiracies and plots will be devastated by our alliance,” he said, adding that their alliance embraces every citizen of Turkey without discrimination.