Medal-holder young athletes train in tent city

Medal-holder young athletes train in tent city

Medal-holder young athletes train in tent city

Despite witnessing the quakes only a day after bagging medals, four young athletes from the southern province of Adıyaman did not lose heart and now continue to train in the tent city established around the track they used to practice on to fulfill their dreams.

Hatice Türk, Kübra Dalmış, Gülşen Akyüz and Bensu İzci won five medals in Bursa one day before the earthquakes hit southern Türkiye on Feb. 6, which claimed thousands of lives. While the young athletes were returning to their hometown with joy, they experienced the disaster.

The athletes now continue training in their tent city and aim to make it to the national team. The tents where they took shelter in Adıyaman are next to the training track they used before the quakes struck.

Türk, who came first in the 2,000 meters walking category in nationals, said she was devastated when she heard the news about the quakes on the bus.

Dalmış stated that they all thought their families might have been trapped under the rubble, but luckily her family survived. Dalmış and her family are staying in the tent city where she is also practicing for the national team selections.

She also noted that their coach helped them greatly in terms of processing their trauma and continuing their practices.

Gülşen Akyüz said that before the quakes, they used to train regularly, participate in competitions and return home with medals.

The athletes are back to their routine despite what they have gone through and plan to attend a training camp soon.

Bensu İzci said they would not give up and abandon their goal of joining the national team and competing in European championships.