Massive fire in İskenderun Port brought under control

Massive fire in İskenderun Port brought under control

Massive fire in İskenderun Port brought under control

The massive fire that broke out in İskenderun Port on Feb. 6 after the first 7.7 magnitude quake has been brought under control after nearly two days.

The teams that responded to the fire by both land and air managed to extinguish it on Feb. 8, the Transportation and Infrastructure Ministry’s General Directorate of Maritime announced.

The fire broke out at around 5 p.m. on Feb. 6 in cargo containers that overturned in the port area.

While fire brigade teams continued the intervention from the ground, firefighting aircraft and helicopters also participated in the intervention efforts since noon on Feb.7.

Though large numbers of teams engaged in fire extinguishing efforts, the fire continued in the region until yesterday noon.

Meanwhile, after two major earthquakes that rattled Türkiye, as the water level in the sea rose on the coastal road in Hatay’s İskenderun, the sea overflowed towards Mete Aslan Boulevard.

Exceeding the workplaces above sea level on the coastline, the waters crossed the boulevard and moved to the streets and avenues.

Many workplaces and banks were evacuated.

The houses on the coastline were also evacuated due to both the earthquake risk and the flooding of the sea.

The İskenderun District Governor’s Office warned the people of the region not to enter damaged houses and against the possible negativities that may occur due to sea flooding in the coastal part.