Man in caravan says never goes home

Man in caravan says never goes home

Man in caravan says never goes home

A 62-year-old man in the southern province of Antalya who converted an old bus into a caravan of his dreams said he never went to his house since the caravan took to the roads.

“I go wherever I want to go. This is my life now. I do not go home. Sometimes my wife comes and accompanies me in the caravan,” Selçuk Arslan told Demirören News Agency on March 31.

Arslan, who worked for years as an architect in Istanbul, moved to Antalya a decade ago after retirement. Then he started looking for caravans, but none of them “was the one in his dreams.”

So he decided to buy an old bus and design it as a caravan he would adore. After a five-month work, Arslan converted the vehicle into a 30-square-meter living space.

“It was my dream. Sometimes I go to the beach. Then I prefer to park in a forest.”

When asked if he had another dream to come true, he quickly replied, “Yes, I want to tour Turkey.”

However, the country’s most populous city is not on his route.

“For years, I worked in Istanbul from home to office. No way! I will tour all around the country except Istanbul,” he said with laughter.