Main opposition to launch ‘purple flag’ project

Main opposition to launch ‘purple flag’ project

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Main opposition to launch ‘purple flag’ project

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Deputy Head Veli Ağbaba of the main opposition People’s Republican Party (CHP) has announced the party will be giving out purple flags to CHP-run municipalities that fulfill a set of criteria in order to foster gender equality in society during a press conference on Feb. 12.

Focusing on violence against women and gender inequality in Turkey, Ağbaba said they would like to reverse the current situation.

“We will evaluate our municipalities and the ones that fulfill the criteria, including opening nurseries, women’s health centers, health care centers for the elderly, women’s shelters and having a certain number of female deputy mayors, executives and employees, as well as  those setting a gender-friendly budget, will be entitled to receive a purple flag. In addition to that, public institutions in CHP-run districts will also be subjected to an evaluation processes based on international standards. Any institution or workplace that fulfills these criteria will be given purple flags,” he said.

Ağbaba also gave examples from CHP-run municipalities and stated people who work in CHP-run municipalities will not face discrimination due to their gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or age from now on.

The deputy head also stated they intend to create local networks, which will require districts, bar associations and civil society organizations to work in cooperation to combat violence against women.

“Our citizens should purchase goods or services from the shops, institutions or organizations which value the labor power of women and gender equality, since these acts tends to increase the awareness of these issues in society,” Ağbaba said.