Living cultural treasure brings in visitors in Giresun

Living cultural treasure brings in visitors in Giresun

GİRESUN – Anadolu Agency
Living cultural treasure brings in visitors in Giresun The Yedi Değirmenler (Seven Mills) Nature Park in the northern province of Giresun has been serving nature and culture tourism with its 250- to 300-year-old mills, which are still used by villagers.
The mills, which were built on waterfalls and rivers by corn producers in the region centuries ago, are still functioning. 

The nature park, reorganized by the Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry’s Giresun branch, also draws attention for its natural beauty.
Waterfalls flowing over the mills and centuries-old monumental pear trees on green meadows as well as holes and caves in the mountainous area also attract adventurers to the region.
Giresun Branch Director Ertan Kuduban said the underground water came from a cave in the region and activated seven mills, which date back to 250 to 300 years ago. He said there were five mills and three arched bridges in the area. 

The Akkaya region of the nature park was home to 350 monumental trees, and the mountainous part of the park also featured 36 depressions, 33 of which were still under formation. 

“The water is at its minimum level in August and September. It begins to increase in October and November but it is at its maximum level in April, May and June. Entry to the cave is prohibited; it is the source of the underground water. But there is a small cave in the same field which is open, and people can visit it,” he added. 

Kuduban said that six out of seven mills were used by villagers. “We repaired the unused one last year but it is not used as much as the other six mills because people are used to them. They are more active.”

The region is also home to Gelavera Valley, Özlüce, Karadoğa and Karadona streams.

“Çepni [a village in Giresun’s Espiye district] culture is dominant in this region. Giresun is one of the places of corn agriculture. They use corn flour, corn bread and corn to feed animals,” he said. 

Rare culture park 

Kuduban said the region was situated at an altitude of 900 meters high. “There is snowfall in the first and last weeks of February, but the road is open for almost 12 months of the year. As they see natural beauties, people show interest in the culture park. This is one of the rare natural parks in Turkey.” 

Speaking about the park, Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Kemal Gürgenci said the Yedi Değirmenler Park would be one of the most important faces of Giresun in the future. Some 7,500 people visited the park in one year and are expecting 15,000 visitors this year. 

“One of the most striking things in the park is that the mills are still functioning. They meet the needs of the region. It is not common to have seven mills on a single line,” he said.