License-holders to pay extra fees with new regulation

License-holders to pay extra fees with new regulation

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet
License-holders to pay extra fees with new regulation

Daily News Photo, Emrah Gürel

Turkish citizens holding an active driver’s license will be paying extra fees to renew their licenses in line with the new traffic regulations, with the price going up to 423 Turkish Liras if proper deadlines are missed.

All drivers renewing their licenses will pay an initial fee of 89 liras, and if the deadline for the change is missed the driver will have to pay up 423 liras in total.

Each driver who missed the deadline will be treated as if he or she is trying to get their license for the first time under the new regulations. The initial fee to be paid for a first-time license ranges between 110 liras and 556, depending on the category of the license.

Those who miss the deadline will be charged 334 liras, in addition to a renewal fee of 89 liras, adding up to a total of 423 liras.

The new regulation will also remove lifelong licenses and instead will require drivers to renew their licenses periodically.

Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputies Aydın Ayaydın, İzzet Çetin and Musa Çam objected to the regulation with regard to its “financial ambitions.”

“Such a correct step toward the safety of our citizens should not be marred by such financial ambitions,” the deputies said in a joint statement submitted against the proposal.