Libyan woman finds love and liver in Istanbul

Libyan woman finds love and liver in Istanbul

Mesude Erşan ISTANBUL / Hürriyet
Libyan woman finds love and liver in Istanbul

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A Libyan woman who was suffering from critical liver failure has been revived after her childhood love came to Istanbul for an organ transplant, which was the last ditch effort for the young girl to survive.

Abeir Keskso and her family relative Ali Almargani were in love in their youth; however, Keskso’s family chose a man who was 12 years older than her as her husband.

The husband knew that Keskso was suffering from health problems for years, even before marrying.
Keskso was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis in 2008 and their marriage worsened day by day, with the husband thinking the illness could be contagious and regularly receiving checkups. He decided to divorce her because he could not handle his fears regarding the illness.

After the divorce, Keskso went back to her family’s house, finished school and moved on with her life. However, her health condition deteriorated as doctors said her liver was prone to failure. Keskso therefore traveled to Istanbul for an organ transplant with her father, brother and sister, but the results of histocompatibility testing were negative.

With their hopes fading, Almargani came to Istanbul after calling the family and saying he wanted to try his chances for the surgery. Despite their blood types being different, the doctors said there would be no obstacle to trying the transplant.

The ex-lovers met at the hospital, and doctors operated to transplant a part of Almargani’s liver with that of Keskso. They stayed in rooms alongside each other in the hospital during their recovery and gave strength to each other.

Keskso said she still loves Almargani, who had made a huge sacrifice for her. But she added her father was still against their marriage, because they are relatives.