Leading Turkish businesswoman dies at age 77

Leading Turkish businesswoman dies at age 77

Leading Turkish businesswoman dies at age 77

Taking on various leadership positions from the founding years in the largest conglomerate of Turkey until 2010, Suna Kıraç, died on Sept. 15, Koç Holding has announced.

She had been struggling for a long time with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), a disease that causes the death of neurons controlling voluntary muscles.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of Kıraç, who grew up with the values of our republic and made significant contributions to the development of our country in the fields of industry, education, culture and arts with her achievements in both professional and social life,” said a statement made by Koç Holding.

“We will always remember Mrs. Suna Kıraç for her inspiring, visionary and pioneering personality, who had always adhered to the values that were entrusted to her,” said the statement.

Kıraç was born in 1941 to Vehbi Koç, Turkey’s wealthiest businessman of the period.

The businesswoman, who started her career by looking at the paperwork in the family business, became proficient over time and entered the board of directors of the group of companies.

Kıraç was awarded the State Medal of Distinguished Service in 1997 by the Turkish Council of Ministers for her contributions to education, health and social services in the country.

But she left her duties in 2000 due to a muscular disease that she had caught.

She had also established a foundation for culture and education before 2000, and the foundation opened the Pera Museum in Istanbul in 2005, which exhibits three valuable art collections of the Kıraç Family.

Several political figures and businesspeople have conveyed their condolences to Koç Holding after Kıraç’s death.