Lake Tödürge in Sivas lures campers, photographers

Lake Tödürge in Sivas lures campers, photographers

SİVAS - İhlas News Agency
Lake Tödürge in Sivas lures campers, photographers

Lake Tödürge in the Central Anatolian province of Sivas, home to many bird species, is a frequent destination for campers, offering photographers an opportunity to capture impressive photos from the observation tower.

The lake in the Zara district, the largest in the city with an area of ​​5 square kilometers (1.9 square miles), attracts the attention of nature lovers and photographers.

Home to many bird species such as ruddy shelduck, finch, goldfinch, gray heron, egret, purple heron, red hawk, reed weed and crane, the lake also stands out with its scenery.

While visitors can camp around the lake, photographers who go up to the bird-watching tower can photograph various species.

Wild animals can also be seen from time to time in the lake under protection.

“One of the places I usually prefer in Sivas is Lake Tödürge as there are hundreds of different kinds of birds here in both summer and winter,” said wildlife photographer Mustafa Aslan, adding that there are more bird species in the lake than others.

The reason for this is that both the large area of ​​the lake and the different fish species attract heron birds, he stated.

“This is also a must-see for nature lovers as it is a very suitable place for mountain biking, hiking and nature sports. This place fascinates people with its nature,” he said. “I recommend everyone to come and see it.”

The lake, which is fed by the springs at its bottom and the surrounding streams, is 1,295 meters (4,250 feet) above sea level. Home to two islands, the lake has a depth between 4-10 meters (13-32 feet).

The name Tödürge comes from Dodurga, one of the old Turkish tribes.