Kuruçeşme home to late Ottoman remains

Kuruçeşme home to late Ottoman remains

Ömer Erbil
Kuruçeşme home to late Ottoman remains

The remains of a bath and laundry-like building have been found in Kuruçeşme.

Archaeological excavations carried out for the restoration of Kuruçeşme facilities in Istanbul has unearthed many historical artifacts from the late Ottoman era. Among the findings are the remains of a bath and laundry as well as aqueducts. 

Divan Tourism applied last year to restore Divan Kuruçeşme and received permission from the Bosphorus Development Directorate. The new project aimed at extending Divan Kuruçeşme, which hosts various organizations. Excavation work has started on an area measuring 6,861 square meters. 

Although the third Cultural and Natural Preservation Board gave permission to use construction equipment during the excavations, the Istanbul Archaeology Museum objected to the decision and asked the excavations be made manually. The remains of the bath and laundry-like building were found during manual excavations that started three months ago. 

A construction company had previously reported there was no architectural structure underground but excavations have disproved the report. According to the museum’s research in ancient resources, there was a sock factory in the region. The museum says the items excavated from the area could have been from this factory. 

The museum officials said that the preservation board could either order the removal of the findings or ask them to be protected in their original place. Archaeological excavations continue.