Key bridge in Turkey’s northwest to open soon

Key bridge in Turkey’s northwest to open soon

Key bridge in Turkey’s northwest to open soon

The construction of a key bridge in northwestern Turkey connecting Europe and Asia is close to completion, as 99 percent of the structure has already been finished.

Final groundwork and small details are being done on the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, which is expected to be opened soon.

Upon its completion, the bridge will become the world’s longest midspan suspension bridge with its unique structural characteristics, colors and other features.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference held on the bridge, Limak Holding Board chair Ebru Özdemir said that the bridge crossing will be provided for less than 15 euros, which was determined in the contract signed between the company and authorities.

She said that the project was completed with 3.1 billion euros, 100 million euros higher than expected, due to the effect of the pandemic and the increase in commodity prices.

The majestic bridge on the Dardanelles Strait will be included in a transport link that will connect Turkey’s Thrace, Aegean and Mediterranean regions.

It is expected to open on March 18 on the 108th anniversary of the Gallipoli Offensive, a day considered one of the most significant victory days in Turkish history.