Journalist given post at Turkish intelligence

Journalist given post at Turkish intelligence

Journalist given post at Turkish intelligence

Nuh Yılmaz will start his duty at the intelligence organization next week. Daily news photo

Journalist Nuh Yılmaz has been appointed Public Information Consultant of the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MİT) marking a first time that a person has been assigned to this post from outside the organization.

A columnist for Turkish daily Star, Yılmaz has been appointed the consultant responsible for public information of the Turkish intelligence organization, a statement released by MİT stated Aug. 15.

Unlike the present consultant Şenol Baltacıoğlu, who has been a part of MİT for the past 30 years, Yılmaz has been called to the duty from outside of the organization. The statement explained that Yılmaz was set to replace Baltacıoğlu in one week’s time, while the present consultant would be retired.

Baltacıoğlu became consultant three years ago after the present Undersecretary of the MİT, Hakan Fidan, had occupied the post.

MİT’s statement stressed that Yılmaz had held offices relevant to the job both abroad and domestically and was a lecturer at the Marmara University in Istanbul.

Baltacıoğlu will hand over the baton to Yılmaz next week.

In another key appointment, writer Murat Dilmen from the Artuklu University was assigned to the Terror Coordination Center of the intelligence organization.