Istanbul's first Bengal tigers attract visitors

Istanbul's first Bengal tigers attract visitors

Istanbuls first Bengal tigers attract visitors

Istanbul's first Bengal tigers, who were born on May 12, welcomed its visitors at Aslan Park in Tuzla Viaport Marina on July 28.           

Aslan Park, which hosts 13 animal species including lion, Siberian tiger, Bengal tiger, caracal, lynx, cougar and black leopard, marked the International Tiger Day, which is observed on July 29.         

Aslan Park Veterinary Physician Gökçe Merve Yayla told Anadolu Agency that there are two Bengal tigers, two Siberian tigers and three baby Bengal tigers in Aslan Park.         

 “Considering that wildlife population has decreased up to 60% in the last 50 years, it is important to have three baby Bengal tigers here [Aslan Park],” said Yayla, adding that the total number of tigers in the world estimated at 3,900.         

Yayla added that they celebrated the World Tiger Day by feeding the tigers with their favorite food.         

 “We are continuously conducting researches and studies in order to optimize the living conditions and welfare of the animals here. The best proof of this is that we have three beautiful baby tigers here. All living beings begin to mate and give offspring when ideal conditions are met,” she added.         

Highlighting that the baby Bengal tigers are now two-and-half months old, she said Turkey will name them.