Istanbul ranks 74th worldwide in cycling

Istanbul ranks 74th worldwide in cycling

Istanbul ranks 74th worldwide in cycling

Istanbul ranked 74th out of 90 in a global ranking of the world’s established cycling cities. There is no other Turkish city that made the list.

The data was compiled and published by German insurance company Coya, as the firm launches bike theft insurance. The report looks at a number of metrics from fatalities to bike sharing.

The study says that only 0.5 percent of Istanbul residents use bicycles in their everyday life, compared with the 51 percent of cycling usage in Utrecht in the Netherlands, which came top on the list.

The number of accidents is 1,837 whereas the number of fatalities is 0.41 per 100,000 cyclists in the mega Turkish city, says the study.

The study doesn’t list the best and worst cycling cities, but it gives insight into the cities around the world that are working towards a brighter cycling future and those that are lagging behind.

Ninety cities were chosen for the study, including those who are more traditionally associated with cycling, such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam, as well as lesser-known locations that are striving to make improvements.

Each received a score based on 12 different criteria, covering everything from crime, safety, investment and infrastructure to the weather, rental availability and cycling-related events. The scores are marked out of 100, where 1 represents the worst and 100 the best, so the higher the score, the better.

Utrecht’s spot at the top of the list comes as no surprise, considering that the Netherlands is renowned as a cycling haven. Second, on the list is the German city of Münster and third is the Belgium city of Antwerp.

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