Istanbul Municipality prepares regulations for e-scooters

Istanbul Municipality prepares regulations for e-scooters

Istanbul Municipality prepares regulations for e-scooters

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a regulation regarding the rental electric scooters, which are seen at almost every single corner in Istanbul nowadays.

The new regulations aim to set a legal framework for scooters that can be rented via smartphone apps, which users can unlock the vehicles.

The municipality officials recently held talks with the rental companies, academics and non-governmental organizations to create regulations.

The municipality will bring a set of safety measures and will require rental companies to receive for operations licenses from the municipality.

Among the license conditions of companies that will provide service, it will be obligated to have at least 1,000 scooters and six quality management system certificates.

Scooters will also be required to carry an ID number, like plates in motor vehicles, to allow their identification in case of traffic safety violation.

The companies were also asked to install different crash and safety sensors.

The sensors will allow tracking of the scooters in case of an accident and notification for emergency services.

The regulation will also determine the minimum and the maximum prices in sharing fees and will regulate these limits according to the adult ticket price.

The opening fee of the scooter will not exceed two full adult ticket prices and one full adult ticket price per minute usage.

The final version of the regulation is expected to take shape at the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) meeting.

Last month, some taxi drivers in Istanbul claimed on social media that the electric scooters were extremely dangerous and occupy the roads, while others complain that the owners of the rental scooter applications do not make a similar payment while the cab owners paid license fees.