Istanbul Festival to bring new breath to city

Istanbul Festival to bring new breath to city

Istanbul Festival to bring new breath to city

The Istanbul Festival, bringing a fresh perspective to the city's cultural scene, will kick off on July 23 to welcome everyone from 7 to 70 to meet in culture, art and entertainment at affordable ticket prices.

The festival is being organized for the first time by Focus Istanbul Event Management at Festival Park Yenikapı, offering many activities from concerts to theater, from children’s workshops to e-sports events, from gastronomy to art. The event expects to host more than 1 million visitors for 23 days.

“We designed the Istanbul Festival as an event that keeps Istanbul alive, one of the largest cities in the world with its unique beauties, historical and cultural riches. Events that appeal to different age groups will start every day at 4 p.m. More than 100 artists will meet with the people of the city. Price for daily festival events start from 30 Turkish Liras,” said Focus Istanbul Event Management Corporate Communications Director Aybike Ercan Kabasakal.

The Istanbul Festival, which will also host events such as the Istanbul Song Contest and My Istanbul Photography Contest, will present works by important representatives of contemporary art in exhibitions.

The well-known brands of Istanbul will also serve visitors food and beverages all day long on the flavor street at the Istanbul Festival.

The festival will host 47 concerts that will open with Kenan Doğulu and Burak Yeter on July 23. Names, including An Epic Symphony & Hayko Cepkin, Selda Bağcan, Fatih Erkoç, Işın Karaca, Suat Suna, Haluk Levent, Pinhani, Melek Mosso and many others.