Istanbul court accepts indictment for man who raped dog

Istanbul court accepts indictment for man who raped dog

Serkan Ocak ISTANBUL
Istanbul court accepts indictment for man who raped dog An Istanbul court has approved an indictment against a man who raped a dog in Istanbul and the charges may send him to prison for up to four years.

The man, identified as only H.Y., was caught by a security camera raping a dog on the street in Istanbul’s Kağıthane district on Aug. 17. A probe was launched after the footage was delivered to police.

The prosecutor in the case demanded the man be put on trial for charges of “immodest behavior” and “damaging property,” citing that H.Y. violated the law that covers the protection of animals. Regarding the charges, H.Y. is facing up to four years in prison.

During questioning, H.Y. reportedly said he was drunk and did not remember anything about the night.

In Turkey, those who kill or torture animals are only punished as part of the law on misdemeanors, which does not necessitate jail time as they stand in court as property damage. Activists are pushing for tighter, wider and more accurately defined legislation, noting that defining animals as living creatures is the first step. 

The first hearing will be conducted by the Istanbul 63rd Criminal Court of First Instance on Nov. 27.

The lawyer of the dog’s owner, Yasemin Babayiğit, said the Animal Rights Commission of Istanbul Bar has requested to monitor the trial.

The lawyer said the legal process launched in the frame of Turkish criminal law was positive but it was not true to separate animals based on whether or not they have an owner.

The dog, named “Nilayım,” is not a stray, but does live outside.