Istanbul Comics and Art Festival moves to Beşiktaş

Istanbul Comics and Art Festival moves to Beşiktaş

Istanbul Comics and Art Festival moves to Beşiktaş

The Istanbul Comics and Art Festival (ICAF), which had been organized in Kadıköy district’s Moda neighborhood for the last three years, is moving to Beşiktaş this year on the European side of the city.

With the support of the Goethe Institute Tarabya Cultural Academy, the event will be organized in three different venues as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations of Istanbul-Berlin sister cities.

The festival will start on Oct. 11 on Beşiktaş streets with Urban Art project and will meet audiences on Oct. 12 and 13 in Feriye, Ortaköy Orphanage and Kethüda Bath.

Since 2016, ICAF offers creative experiences such as workshops, interviews, exhibitions, screenings and public space applications through the disciplines of comics, cartoons, street art, fanzines, illustrations and animation.

Denis Leo Hegic, curator of the Berlin street art formation “Yes, and… Productions” (YAP), was invited to Istanbul for the festival. Denis Leo Hegic, Marina Zumi, TpT, Hundertzehn and Martin Krusche from Berlin, Salmon, Raccoon, Max and Nuka from Istanbul, Gökhan Tüfekçi from Ankara and Cem Sonel from İzmir will perform mural works on Beşiktaş streets.

Rasta Baba concert and the Kadir Amigop Memiş performance will take place in the festival on Oct. 13 in Feriye.

The festival, organized this year around the theme of “Like Animal,” will feature animal-like forces of superheroes, animal dialogues in cartoon, street animals and public space relations and animal representations in art are discussed.

In Beşiktaş, where the festival will take place, the Çöpçüler collective and festival participants will be brought together to make sustainable public space for stray animals out of waste materials.

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