Istanbul breaks its own water consumption record

Istanbul breaks its own water consumption record

ISTANBUL – Anadolu Agency
Istanbul breaks its own water consumption record Istanbul broke its own water consumption record on June 2, as authorities pointed out that consumption rates were increasing faster than the population of the busy metropolis. 

A statement issued by the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (İSKİ) announced that Istanbul’s water consumption levels were rising alongside its population, industry and construction works.

Accordingly, the city broke a record in its daily water consumption on June 2, using some 3,045,000 cubic meters (CBM) of water.

The statement said the rise in consumption was due to rising temperatures and a disregard for conscious consumption while expressing concern that utilization may increase further as the summer heat becomes fully effective. 

Figures released by İSKİ revealed that Istanbul had a population of 12,573,000 in 2007 and used 2,209,000 CBM of water, whereas the population now stands at 14,657,000 and consumption rose to 3,045,000 CBM. Hence, water consumption rose by some 37 percent while the population increased by some 16 percent, revealing a lack of conscious consumption habits. 

The administration also included a warning for the city’s residents to reexamine their daily water consumption habits and advised against wasting the valuable resource. 

The advice, however, came in stark contrast to recent statements by Turkish Forestry and Waterworks Minister Veysel Eroğlu, who in May called on citizens to use water “generously.”

“There are no problems in Istanbul, [its dams are] 85 percent full right now,” Eroğlu said, dismissing a reporter’s question on the possibility of a water shortage this year. “They [Istanbul residents] should not fear, they can use water generously,” he added during a press conference on May 8.