Istanbul amazes Fox with history and heritage

Istanbul amazes Fox with history and heritage

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Istanbul amazes Fox with history and heritage U.S. model and actress Megan Fox is currently in Turkey to shoot a TV commercial for Doritos chips, but her visit is becoming somewhat sidetracked with slips of the tongue about Istanbul and Turkey.

“[I want] to touch the remains of Noah’s Ark, visit Adam’s Garden and all the places mentioned in the Holy Bible and go to archaeology sites,” Fox said during an appearance Jan. 20 on Beyazit Öztürk’s Beyaz Show on Kanal D.

Before coming to Istanbul, Fox said she thought the metropolis was a “village.”

Speaking about Seyfi Dursunoğlu, the actor playing opposite her in the ad, Fox said, “I did not understand what Seyfi Dursunoğlu said, but his energy has influenced me.”

She also said she was honored to work with director Ozan Açıktan.

Noting that she had been moved by Istanbul, Fox said she hoped to visit the city with her husband as soon as possible.

The actress said she had visited Hagia Sophia, drunk Turkish coffee and taken a Bosphorus cruise, but added that she regretted not being able to see much of the city’s historical cultural heritage.

Fox participated in the Beyaz Show with Wilma Elles, an actress from the Turkish TV series “As Time Goes By,” Turkish pop singer Murat Boz, as well as Kerem Can, the lead actor in the newly released film “Zenne.” Öztürk gave Fox a mirror featuring an Istanbul silhouette as a gift for appearing on his show